Two fronts of criticism aimed at Mayor trying to make-up $20 million budget shortfall


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 1:56 PM

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Two fronts of criticism are aimed at Louisville's mayor and they'/ re coming from both citizens and union leaders upset over the budget cuts.

The mayor cut into some city services, and the biggest outcry is coming from people upset over the closure of Otter Creek Park, and the cuts to the arts programs in the city.

Closing the park will save the city $180,000 and by cutting the city's arts programs funding, the city will save $500,000.

While people understand the cuts, they aren't happy about them.

Richard Abraham loves Otter Creek Park, "It's devastating. It really is. I can't tell you how it will impact me personally. I've been coming out here running since 1976. It's just a beautiful place."

The cuts that were announced today will go into effect on December 14.

Since the city still hasn't reached that $20 million mark and there currently aren't any plans to dip into that rainy day fund, more cuts will be coming.

You can see all of the budget cuts that are coming on the city's website, which you can

There were also concerns that the YMCA's Camp Piomingo at Otter Creek would be cut; it's been there for 70 years. But the YMCA says the camp will not be affected.

The camp operates on a year-round basis, with many programs, including during the summer when it serves some 1,000 kids.

Steve Tarver, YMCA says, "Our planning is in full swing in terms of registration materials, so we anticipate another successful summer in 2009."

Tarver says the YMCA will continue to work with the city.

For a complete list of everything being cut,