Prosecution's evidence shows contradictions in Stinson's story


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 1:56 PM

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(WHAS11) -We are continuing to go through thousands of pages of police interviews with the people who were there the day PRP football player Max Gilpin collapsed.

A clearer timeline is emerging, and while witnesses seem to agree on most events, there are at least two key points where witness statements conflict with statements made by Head Coach Jason Stinson.

The football practice was going on next to a soccer game.

At 5:20, the team got a water break.

At 5:30, Coach Stinson orders them to alternate running gassers, back and forth across the field.

About 20 minutes in, Stinson says he sees Antonio Calloway running hard and rewards him by telling him he can stop. Stinson says Calloway seemed fine.

That's the first contradiction in stories. Assistant Coach Adam Donnelly says he saw Calloway struggling, told Stinson, and that's when Stinson told Calloway to stop.

Stinson did say that at least 3 other players said they were not feeling well during the run and that he told those players to stop.

About 5 minutes after Calloway stops running, Stinson turns his attention to about 8 players he says are slacking off.

He orders them to do drills called up-downs. Stinson says he's watching them with his back to the other players still running.

Then, 35 minutes in, on the final sprint, Stinson says he sees Max finishing and that Max appears fine.

Stinson heads over to a shade tree for a team post-practice meeting and yells at some players who'd gone for water, telling them to come back for the meeting.

Several witnesses hear that.

Meanwhile, Coach Donnelly sees two players helping Max. Donnelly says he yelled at them to let Max walk on his own, but the players said Max couldn't.

Donnelly runs over, sees Max unconscious, and yells for help. Other coaches and parents then start helping Max. Donnelly says he sees Stinson going to the shade trees, but doesn't know if Stinson knew what was going on.

While Stinson addresses the team, other coaches take Max on a cart to the water. Stinson finishes talking, walks to the water, and says that is the first time he learns Max and Antonio are in trouble.

This is the second contradiction in stories.

At least two witnesses say Stinson saw the crowd around Max. They say Stinson yelled at the players who'd helped him, telling them to come to the meeting and let the coaches help Max.

By our calculations, by the time Stinson came over to the water, other coaches had already called 911. EMTs came and took both Max and Antonio to the hospital. Antonio recovered. Max died a few days later.

We've spoken with attorneys for the coaches and the Gilpin family, but they say they're still reading all the interviews and can't comment yet.