New phishing scam hits bank in Southern Indiana


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:42 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 1:55 PM

(WHAS11) -Customers of a Southern Indiana bank say someone's been trying to steal their money using a new type of phishing scam.

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The suspects are using automatic phone dialers to contact people who might be customers of a certain bank, and then they prey on their fears by telling them that their ATM card has been suspended because of a security problem.

"We think they're using a random dialing system to dial phone numbers in the 812 area code. Probably used our bank name because we're one of the larger banks in southern Indiana," explained Bill Harrod from First Harrison Bank.

The calls began just after First Harrison Bank closed Saturday afternoon.

By the time the bank opened Monday morning, the number of both customers and non-customers who were called and told to press buttons, giving up personal banking information was staggering.

"I have no idea how many... thousands of people have called today," said Harrod.

The bank was able to track fraudulent activity from customers' accounts all the way to ATMs in Spain, where maximum amounts were withdrawn using information some customers unwittingly gave them.

Similar crimes have recently targeted community banks in West Virginia and Alaska.

Bankers say, luckily, not many customers here have fallen for it.

"We just encourage people please don't give that information out," said Harrod.

Bankers say they would never use a machine to call you if your information really was taken.

It is a lesson some customers unfortunately learned the hard way.

Bank officials tell us the FBI has been called to assist in the investigation.

They also say that all customers who lost money will get it back.