Absentee voting lines long, officials warn it may be worse on Election Day



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 1:55 PM

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(WHAS11) - A week from today, America will have a new president and the interest is running high in this election.

In Clark County Indiana absentee voting lines are very long.

In some cases voters have waited up to an hour to fill out a ballot.

The presidential race in Indiana is too close to call. Every vote may count.

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That's why election officials across Indiana are reporting long lines of folks looking to vote early.

That's no exception in southern Indiana, particularly Clark County, where determined voters are waiting up to an hour to cast their ballots.

Technically, it's called absentee voting, not early voting.

But unlike Kentucky, in Indiana you don't have to have a reason to vote early.

That's prompted nearly 3,000 of Clark County's 7,300 voters to head to the courthouse to cast their ballots early.

Other Indiana counties are reporting similar wait times. But election officials are warning that it might be worse on Election Day.

Election officials in both Clark and Floyd counties say they're averaging a little over 300 walk in voters each day.

A few Indiana counties are expanding their hours to deal with the crush of early voters who want to make sure their ballots get cast in the tight presidential race in the Hoosier State.