Bullets land in Parkland homes after fatal shooting


by Gene Kang


Posted on July 16, 2013 at 6:35 AM

Updated Thursday, Jul 18 at 12:58 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Louisville Metro Police are investigating the circumstances behind a shooting that left an expected father dead.

Steve Bledsoe Jr., 24, lived several blocks from Greenwood Avenue where someone shot him to death in the Parkland neighborhood Monday night.

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting and said they do not yet know who the shooter is.

"We kept on hearing 'ta ta ta' and 'see see see.' She said girl they're shooting and I said no they ain't," said Bernita Bennett.

Family friends and neighbors describe the horrifying sounds moments before Bledsoe was shot to death by their porch.

"Came running down here and I seen him laying on the ground. So it happened just like that," said Ayanna Powell, a family friend.

Powell said she was very close to Bledsoe and called him a cousin. She believes he was visiting friends in the 3000 block of Greenwood Avenue.

Powell said, "the gunshots went off and I think they got him from his back."

"It ricocheted and ended up on my bed. That's the hole it came in," said Bennett.
Bullets penetrated a house and shot into Bennett's room. A bullet casing landed on her bed while she was resting on it.

"It was smoke all up in my room, smoke all over the floor and I called 911," said Bennett.

Police said Bledsoe was shot several times.  His criminal history includes a dismissed murder charge, drug-related charges and weapons charges, but detectives don't know how these allegations played a role in his murder.

"He's now a victim at this point and obviously we'll look at all the information that will lead us to the person or persons that committed this," said Dwight Mitchell with Louisville Metro Police.

Loved ones say he had a future.

"He is a good person, a good young guy. He's about to have a baby you know?" said Powell.

Police are not clear if this was a random act of violence or if Bledsoe was targeted. They're talking to any witnesses. You can call 574-LMPD with anonymous tips.