911 tapes and accident report from bus crash released


by Adam Walser/Bryan Baker


Posted on October 2, 2012 at 8:06 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 3 at 7:55 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- New information was revealed about what's to blame for that JCPS bus accident that sent 48 kids to the hospital.

Louisville Metro Police released the accident report late Tuesday afternoon.

It shows that the driver of the car involved didn't stop because he couldn't see the stop sign.

This comes as we hear from those who called 911 in the moments after the crash.

Despite the chaos around them, most of the callers were calm and provided operators with important information.

Here are the transcripts from some of the calls:

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller: Someone just landed and flipped a school bus on Lower River Rd. and Moorman

With screams of frightened children and honking car alarms in the background, citizens picked up their phones and called 911 within seconds of a bus crash that send 51 people to the hospital.

Operator: Do you know if there's children on the bus?
Caller: There's all kinds of kids. Everywhere. Look like middle school.
Operator: Did you watch it happen?
Caller: Yes. The red car came out off of Moorman Rd. and ran into the back of the bus and flipped it on its side.

That initial account confirms what the police accident confirms, that the driver of a red mustang ran a stop sign after failing to see it among heavy fog and thick vegetation along Moorman Road.

The report also indicated that the driver, who had three other passengers in the car, was traveling too fast for the wet conditions.

The following are three 911 calls from three different callers.

Caller: All I know is it's a major accident.

Operator: Were there any kids on the bus?
Caller: Oh yeah. They're all climbing.
Operator: How many kids are on the bus?
Caller: I'd say 20 or so.

Operator: We've got a report of a bus that's overturned and a report of about 20 kids on board.
Caller: Oh my God.
Operator: Do you know if that's true?
Caller: Yes. That's probably... there's people running everywhere. People just hollering.

And there were other concerns, since many of the 11 people who called 911 gave different addresses for the accident site which included: at Moorman, at Greenbelt Highway and at Watson.

Eventually, a JCPS employee helped clear it up.

Operator: We have EMS, police and fire responding. I just need to know if it's the same accident.
JCPS Employee: See, we don't know. OK. We've got the driver on the phone.
Operator: Have that driver verify.
JCPS Employee: Hold on.

A total of 51 people were taken to hospitals for injuries ranging from minor to severe.

The last one was released from Kosair Children's Hospital on Monday.