Cops crack down on prostitutes during National Farm Machinery Show


by Adam Walser

Posted on February 12, 2010 at 7:16 PM

Updated Saturday, Feb 20 at 10:45 AM

(WHAS11) - The annual National Farm Machinery Show brings thousands of people to town each year and they spend lots of money.

But police are trying to crack down on one of the ways some visiting farmers spend their cash, on sex.

Just a short distance from thousands of farmers looking at new John Deeres,  some local escorts were looking for completely different types of “Johns.”

But the ones who they met at motels were actually cops.

Amanda Wells and Angela Tindal allegedly agreed to perform sex acts together for $270 each.

40 minutes later, Kristina Isaacs and Terri Ray allegedly showed up at the same room agreeing to sex for $500.

Before the night was over, Amanda Hildebrandt and Kayla Burk were busted by vice cops, as well as two of the women's drivers, Gerald Tucker and Michael Stovall. 

The increase in prostitution arrests reflects a drastic increase in ads by escorts on Internet sites like Craig's List.

“You wanna be where all the clients are going to and that's where they're at,” said an escort we’ll call “Angel.”.

She has been charged with prostitution before, but she expects big business during this farm show weekend.

“People go out of town and they experiment. Do new things,” she said.

It's also one of the weekends police step up enforcement.

“Farm shows, events, Derby... really, they do them all the time,” Angel said.

Police would not speak on camera about the arrests, but in years past, they've targeted both escorts and their customers during the Farm Machinery Show.

So why do working girls risk advertising when they know police may be the ones calling?

“A good night, I say, I generate about two grand. On a bad night. I'd say about $500,” said Angel.

“Morally speaking it's not right, but money talks. It's all about the money.”

Something Angel says no amount of enforcement's likely to stop.

“It's not gonna change. It's the oldest business. It's the one business you can never put out of business. It'll always be here,” said Angel.

The National Farm Machinery Show is big business for most businesses that cater to the hospitality industry, since it draws about 300,000 visitors a year during its four day run.