I-Team Investigation: Patient says runner steered her to clinic where care was substandard


by Adam Walser


Posted on November 16, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 16 at 10:18 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - A patient came forward after a WHAS11 News investigation that revealed runners who recruit patients for doctors and chiropractors in Louisville.

A woman is revealing information about what she says went on behind the closed doors of a local chiropractor's office.

For the past three months, we've been investigating runners who contact accident victims at the scene, on the phone or even show up at their houses.

On Tuesday, WHAS11 spoke with a woman who says her pain grew worse as she received repeated costly treatments at a clinic referred to her by a runner.

“It's extreme. I lose the feeling in my fingers. I drop things 24/7 when I walk,” said Crystal Frey, a 23-year-old former chiropractic patient from Bullitt County.

Frey’s life has not been the same since she and her fiancé’ were hit from behind in their car last year.

She says she was immediately approached by a runner for a chiropractor.

“I can give you this card. This is Cane Run Chiropractic. They can hook you up with anything. We can get you meds. We can get you anything you want. A lawyer, doctor,” Frey said the runner told her.

Cane Run Chiropractic is owned by Dr. Michael Plambeck, a chiropractor out of Texas who has been sued by the Kentucky Attorney General's Office, State Farm and Allstate.

During WHAS11’s surveillance of the office, we discovered lawyers’ representatives signing up patients and runners walking new patients inside.

“They really push you. They want you to sign up with their lawyer. Cause they're all connected somehow or another,” said Frey.

But Frey says the care she got didn't help and that the doctor did adjustments with a tool.

“He hit it on my back. Pushed the trigger. Three seconds. 1-2-3 and that was done. That was like $300,” Frey said.
She said the therapists didn’t help either.

“You can pick between sitting on that ball and bounce, or you can go lay in that room with 20 other people that are laying on beds and we'll put little magnetic things and shock your neck for 10 minutes. Or you can lay in bed next to 5 other people on a water bed,” Frey said.

Eventually, Frey says he personal injury protection insurance money was exhausted before she was able to get surgery that a medical doctor says she now needs for chronic pain.

“It's every day. In the rain. It's worse,” she said.