I-Team uncovers instructional Louisville-made marijuana smoking video


by Adam Walser


Posted on November 22, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 22 at 7:42 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - It's one of millions of videos currently displayed on YouTube.

In it, three Louisville women appear to be breaking the law and showing you how to do it as well.

“We're here teaching you how to hit different types of bongs,” Danielle Noel says, facing the camera

“Get high. Sky high,” says her friend Tori Thomas.

For more than five minutes, the three young women offer step-by-step instructions in how to get high smoking marijuana.

“You need a good grinder. Grind your weed up. We have a variety of pipes,” said Noel, as she shows a number of pipes, bongs and other paraphernalia.

Drug treatment counselor William Moore works for A.A. and Associates, a court-ordered drug treatment center in Louisville.

“Hey look at me. I'm a marijuana user. I'm hip-hop. I'm cool. No problems, my life is great,” he says of the attitude being reflected in the video.

Moore says the reality of drug use is not a joking matter.
“They're probably experiencing some psychological, physical and some social issues as a result of this glorified marijuana use,” he said.

The video was produced by Noel.
She told us the video is only a parody.

“It's not like we made a parody about smoking crack. It's completely different. It's not that serious,” she said.

Noel says she doesn't even smoke marijuana.

“I can understand why somebody wouldn't think that it's a joking topic, but literally less than a hundred people had seen the video before yesterday and I woke up this morning and there were 304 views,” she said.

We also tracked down Tori Thomas, who lives in public housing with her young children.

Thomas was arrested 3-years-ago after being caught in a stolen car with crack cocaine.

The third woman is Bre Carter, whose Twitter nick name is "Miss Mary Jane" a nickname for marijuana.

On her twitter home page she says "I'm so sky high"

Danielle noel and her Fiance' Derrick Smith run a P.R. and entertainment company called "Team Me, LLC", which promotes hip-hop music

They say they are not pushing drugs, but pushing the envelope regarding important topics.

“This is gonna be living room conversation now. If this causes a parent to have that conversation with their child, what's really the negativity in that?” said Smith.

The couple that made the video has made it private after learning it had been extensively circulated.

They say that at all times it was restricted to people over 18, so that young people would not be exposed to what appeared to be drug use.