I-Team Investigation: Corydon family says their 'new' home made them sick


by Andy Treinen


Posted on July 13, 2012 at 9:40 AM

CORYDON, Ind. (WHAS11) -- A Kentuckiana man says his house is making his entire family sick. The homeowner claims it is a cover-up, saying a home manufacturer knew about mold problems.

Kevin Taylor and his wife, Madonna, have had a tough time since their home burned down on January 1. The Taylor’s were living in a trailer before they moved into a manufactured home from Clayton Homes.

It was supposed to be a home for their son Carson to grow up in, but instead, they say it turned into a nightmare on Old Forest Road in Corydon. 

Kevin Taylor says for months he, his wife and his son have been chronically sick taking a variety of prescription medications.

One man, Jim Morrison, says he knows the reason why. Morrison met with Taylor after they discovered Morrison used to own the home.

Clayton Homes delivered and placed the house on Morrison's foundation in Bedford, Ky., but there were problems. Morrison says he discovered mold so prominent in the home it was in the joints, in the wood and in the insulation. He told them to take it back and the company built him a new home.

So what happened to the rejected house? Morrison says Clayton Homes took it back, cleaned it up and then re-sold it to the Taylors without telling them it was previously owned and mold infested.

After Taylor learned this he says he contacted a representative from Clayton Homes. Taylor says the representative first told him the previous owner simply did not like the house. 

Morrison says that this is not true. He says he actually designed the home.

Taylor says Clayton Homes then told him the “financing fell through.”

Morrison says he paid cash and there was no financing issue.

Taylor says he wants a house that his family can live in and not get sick. He got an estimate from Hanson and Son to fix only the structural problems in the home. The estimate - $22,600 to fix drywall, warped ceilings and other issues independent of the mold problem. 

He says he paid $122,000 to buy the house, have it delivered and hooked up, and has since paid Wilcox Environmental for a mold test. According to the test report, parts of the home have been previously impacted by a moisture source which promoted the growth of mold spores. The report also shows some mold is still present inside the home at a level 10 times more than levels outside the home.

Morrison says he and his wife feared this all along.

"She didn't want no one to have it. It should have been destroyed for the simple fact that someone could get sick, which they have," Morrison said.

When WHAS11 called the manager at Clayton Homes he said this is a “$2 billion corporation” and our questions would have to be directed to the companies home office in Maryville, Tenn.

We called the home office and a corporate spokesperson told WHAS11 the company would provide a response. To date, no one has called back after two weeks of calling.

In the meantime the family is moving back into the trailer because doctors have advised them to avoid further exposure.