Family members of Dr. Simon's patients speak out


by Adam Walser

Posted on September 11, 2012 at 5:23 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 11 at 8:50 PM

(WHAS11) -- Family members are speaking out about a pain clinic that was reprimanded by the state medical board and is currently under investigation by the DEA.
WHAS11 first told you Monday night that the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure has suspended Dr. Frank Simon's prescribing privileges.
What started off as a small allergy clinic apparently grew by leaps and bounds in recent years, as Dr. Frank Simon expanded his practice to include pain management patients, who mostly paid in cash and came to the clinic by the thousands.
“His favorite book is the Bible on here,” said Sherree May, pointing to Simon’s Facebook page.
“He has torn my family apart. He has torn children away from their parents. Jeremy has got four babies that go visit him in a graveyard,” said May.
May contacted Dr.Simon on Facebook in April of 2011 to tell Simon her daughter Tabitha and her son-in-law Jeremy Geary, both Simon's patients, were addicted to the painkillers and even sold them.
“He said he couldn't accuse somebody of being a drug abuser. That they could file a lawsuit against him,” said May.
“She never got out of bed,” said Tabitha’s sister Brook Basham, who often took Tabitha to medical appointments.
“She was so messed up, she couldn't even walk. I had to carry here in there and carry her back to the doctor's office,” said Basham. “Dr. Simon had her stand on the scale to weigh her. She fell. Instead of drug testing her or anything, he checked her blood pressure and wrote her prescription and sent her out the door.”
The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure restricted Simon's license last week, taking away his ability to prescribe narcotics.
In the board's report, it says "the licensee demonstrated gross negligence" in his prescribing practices.
A review of his charts showed he often prescribed drugs without justification, regularly failed to consult KASPER, the state narcotics database, to see if his clients were addicts, and kept sloppy records.
The report indicated Simon has 11,000 active patients.
“Dr. Simon walked in the office ‘How you doing?’ Sat down on his little counter that was there. He wrote the prescription. ‘Have a nice day’. He got up and walked out,” said Basham.
Tabitha was arrested three months after her mom contacted Dr. Simon.
Jeremy died from an overdose two months after that.
“I want any doctor in this city that's doing this and playing with people's lives to lose their license and go to jail,” said May.
We tried to talk to Dr. Simon Monday and Tuesday, but he did not wish to comment on the new medical board agreement.