Clark Co. Commissioner concerned about court employee misconduct


by Renee Murphy

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 7:44 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 7 at 8:02 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) –A Clark County Commissioner in Southern Indiana says he is concerned about allegations of misconduct by court employees.

John Perkins says court employees are accused of arresting someone they didn't have the authority to arrest. He is speaking out to the I-Team in this WHAS11 Investigation.

"I'm concerned," Commissioner John Perkins said.

The rumors have been swirling for months at the Clark County Court house about employees of drug court arresting a drug defendant they didn't have the power to arrest.

Clark County Commissioner John Perkins is speaking out about the allegations for the first time and a private investigation into the claims.

"This is what came to me is that there had been an arrest, an incarceration. I asked Judge Carmichael was that the case and she said yes an arrest was made and yes this person was incarcerated. Then my last question of the 3 was did the people who did the arrest have the arrest powers and the answer was no they did not have arrest powers," Perkins said.

Judge Vicki Carmichael is the presiding judge in Clark County.

She denied our request to see this private investigative report saying it was a personnel issue.

Perkins says he just wants to find out if anyone's civil rights were violated.

"I'm concerned about that because being a commissioner we are going to be responsible for any fall out because of this," Perkins said.

Attorney Larry Wilder is representing drug court and its judge Jerry Jacobi.

He would not confirm or deny the allegations saying what happens in drug court and the personnel involved are confidential.

I asked Wilder if he thought this matter would be resolved.

"I know the judge of the court has taken his responsibility very seriously throughout the course of his career as judge and I know that issues that have been raised that not only the judge of this court making sure everything is handled appropriately the chief judge of the court is interested in making sure everything is handled appropriately," Wilder said.

We did obtain a copy of an arrest report from a defendant in drug court.

The arresting officer named on the report is a member of the court that doesn't have arrest powers. That private investigation into the claims was paid for with tax payer money.