Police investigate after student gets sick at Ind. community college


by Michelle Arnold


Posted on May 1, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Updated Thursday, May 1 at 6:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Police are investigating to see if a student was poisoned at a local community college.

A student at Ivy Tech Perkins Technology center in Jeffersonville, Ind. said he drank a soda and then became sick.

He thinks a fellow student tried to poison him.

This Ivy Tech student didn't want to us to show his face but tells a frightening story. The student says someone in his class put something in his Dr. Pepper while he was in the bathroom.

The student said that when he returned and took a drink of his soda he noticed that something was wrong. He said he began to vomit after he took a drink.

He immediately called his father who told him to talk to his instructor and record it on his phone.

On the recording:
Student: "…My throat is swelling up, so whatever it is I need to know from whoever that is.
Teacher: "I have no way making anybody say anything anymore than you do."

The student said he tried to get someone to say something.

“I didn't know what it was. I went and asked everybody what it was. If it was just a joke, then even still, if it was nobody would tell me. What they put in my drink, they just thought it was funny,” the student said.

The student said he thinks he knows who did it.

His mother is appalled and angry at the treatment her son received.

“My son had to fend for himself when he confronted his classmates and his teacher they laughed they made jokes about it,” the student’s mother said.

The student said the teacher wanted the class to keep going.

“He kept the class going…called everybody back out there to start working,” the student said.

“He should have stopped class, looked at these classmates, supposedly only three, and said you either tell me what's in this glass or I will contact school officials,” the student’s mother said. 

Instead the student and his family went to the head of security at Ivy Tech. Jeffersonville police were notified and they've confirmed that they are testing the drink. On Wednesday, April 30, the student went to Clark Memorial Hospital for blood and urine tests.

“I was afraid that it was something that could kill him you know,” the student’s mother said. “I thought of chemicals. I also thought if it was somebody's bodily fluids; people carry diseases.”

By Thursday afternoon, the family has not heard anything from the school.

“I trust Ivy Tech to care for my son's safety and for their professors to act in a professional way,” the student’s mother said.

WHAS received a statement from Ivy Tech that said the following: Campus officials received a report of a student being ill yesterday afternoon at the Perkins Technology Center. After ensuring the well being of the student, appropriate staff members began looking into concerns expressed by the student that the condition was the result of a tainted soft drink.  At this point, Ivy Tech officials are cooperating with the Jeffersonville Police Department in its investigation.

The family says once they figure out if something was in the drink they are considering legal action.