New Albany mayor appoints temporary police chief replacement



Posted on May 21, 2014 at 6:42 PM

Updated Friday, May 23 at 6:53 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) – As questions and controversy swirl around the New Albany Police Department, at least one issue was put to rest Wednesday.

“There was an investigation as it related to the New Albany police department recently relationship of a police officer Gary Humphrey,” prosecutor Keith Henderson said.

Yesterday a grand jury listened to witness testimony surround allegations Gary Humphrey, Assistant Chief of Detectives, who broke into a home of a woman he was having a relationship with and destroyed property. In the case, the prosecutor described as involving a lot of he said she said. The grand jury decided not to bring any charges against Humphrey.

Despite the timing of that investigation, the prosecutor says it’s unrelated to other issues making headlines in the New Albany Police Department.

Detective Humphrey was not indicted but he’s among the officers named in a different complaint filed earlier this month. NAPD officer Laura Schook took concerts to the Merit Board about officers working private jobs while on the clock for the city. She also claims she was retaliated against after she brought those concerns to former police Chief Sherri Knight.

Knight became the former chief yesterday when she suddenly stepped down citing family concerns. Her Assistant Chief Greg Pennell stepped down as well, not providing the public with a reason.

“Makes me feel like something’s kind of fishy,” New Albany resident Cynthia McPheeters said.

“Just living in the city, you’d like to know who’s responsible for what’s going on,” resident Alexa Leonard said.

Mayor Jeff Gahan has been vague about the reason for their departures and late Wednesday evening, he released a response as to who would be in charge.

He says that Major William Popp will handle the department’s administrative duties.