Man wants apology after grand jury rules family's drowning accidental


by WHAS11

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 11:23 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 12 at 12:00 AM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- The Floyd County prosecutor announced the findings of a grand jury investigation into the deaths of a New Albany mother and her two children during a news conference Thursday.

Keith Henderson said the grand jury found Jaime Clutter did not kill herself or her children, and her husband, Michael Clutter, was not responsible for their deaths either.

“It is a whole lot better than what detectives were saying which I never did believe in the first place,” Clutter said.

"There's no evidence that suggests that based on an interchange with a neighbor that Jaime was attempting to kill her children," Henderson said.

Jaime Clutter, 35, and her two children, 10-year-old Brandon and 6-month-old Katelyn, were found in Falling Run Creek at Binford Park on a cold day back in March. The windchill that day was 18 degrees.

After five days and 17 witnesses, including a medical examiner, a psychological expert and a hypothermia specialist, the grand jury ruled they accidentally drowned after leaving their apartment for an unknown reason and developed hypothermia and became disoriented.

The family was found with no clothes and their bodies were scraped by rocks in the creek. The prosecutor said they may have removed their clothes due to extreme disorientation.

After the initial investigation, police said Jaime suffered from postpartum depression, mental illness and drowned her two kids.

“I think there needs to be an apology made on their behalf of the police department because what they were saying wasn’t true at all,” Clutter said.

“"We don't have any mental health or medical records that I'm aware of,” Henderson said.

The prosecutor said investigators consider the case closed unless someone else comes forward with compelling evidence or information. He said he has no problems with New Albany Police even though their findings were completely different from that of a grand jury.