CAMM BLOG: Boney finishes testimony in Camm trial


by Mary Lyons

Posted on September 10, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 13 at 12:10 PM

LEBANON, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Boney walked into the Boone County Courthouse for the second and final time.

Kammen continued to question Boney about his inconsistent statements as to what happened on Sept. 28. Kammen says since the night of the murders Boney had been keeping tabs on the media coverage and through his questioning with police knew what story he needed to tell.

Kammen said that Boney had previously told police that he had met David Camm at the Better Way in New Albany before heading to Camm's house on Sept. 28. which conflicts with the testimony he gave in court on Monday, Sept. 9.

During one police investigation Boney had even said that he had spent the night of Sept. 28 at Mala Singh Mattingly's mother's house. But, again this is in contrast to the testimony he gave on Monday; Boney had said he stayed the night at his mother's house with Mala in New Albany.

The jury had eight questions for Boney. One jury question was why didn't he report the events of Sept. 28 to police. Boney said, "I was a coward." He went on to say that he was afraid of loosing what little freedom he had and that if he called police it would all be gone.

He finished his testimony in David Camm's third trial around noon on Sept. 10.

Kammen said that Boney is not seeking to tell the truth but that he is looking to get a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying.

The judge, Jonathan Dartt, said he was notified by the bailiff that the jury had been uncomfortable when Boney and David Camm stared each other down in court on Monday. He said that he had instructed the two not to acknowledge each at all on Tuesday so that, that situation could be avoided from now on.

The last witness called by the state on Tuesday was Ron Englert. He is a blood pattern analyst. He described for the the jury the different types of blood patterns there are, including transfer and spatter. He actually demonstrated how each pattern could be made.

His testimony will continue on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

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