Report: Less housework causes larger waistlines


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on May 25, 2012 at 6:27 PM

Updated Friday, May 25 at 7:27 PM

(WHAS11) -- Is a woman's waistline 6 inches wider than it was 60 years ago? A new study says today's woman is larger because they do less housework.

The research conducted by Saga claims women in the 1950's stayed fit by cleaning the house all day. But, now the average woman has gained weight because she holds a full time job and spends most of the day sitting behind a desk.

“We not only work full time but then we go home and have housework to do,” said Joni Wright.

“Once I hit the door after work I don't stop and sit down and watch TV,” said Markina Thompson. 

“Now that people are working outside the home none of that housework just disappears,” said Angelia Poyner.

“Women are still busy. Even if they’re not at home doing something they are still ripping and running with the children doing more activities,” said Thompson.

More work can mean less attention to the diet.

“We're much more apt to go through a drive-thru now because we're not at home to make the healthy food choices that are really needed,” said Gina Ford.

While a woman's waistline may have changed in the past 60 years, many women would say their roles have also changed in the past sixty years.

“We are more sedentary in some ways, but in other ways I think that women are working a whole lot harder than they used to,” said Debra Copeland.

“It's very hard these days in this economy for one person in the family to be the only one working,” said Ford.

And let's face it, whether you work inside the home or outside, the "June Cleaver" figure is becoming an ideal of the past.

“I don't think that trying to look pretty for a man is as important to women today as it was in the 1950's and 60's. Women take care of themselves. They are not relying on someone else to take care of them,” said Copeland.