Stay cool as triple digit temperatures break records in Kentuckiana


by Gene Kang

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Updated Thursday, Jun 28 at 1:29 PM

(WHAS11) -- Doctors said in a matter of minutes you can go from heat exhaustion to heat stroke - a word of warning as temperatures soar across Kentuckiana.

The Louisville Water Company will hand out free water bottles at 5th and Jefferson Street until 2 p.m. Thursday and the City has set up 46 cooling sites around the Metro area.

Cooling off never felt so good. With scorching hot temps hitting triple digits through the weekend, weather can quickly turn turn from fun to dangerous. Kids four and under most vulnerable to heat-related issues.

"You can go from heat exhaustion where you have the cool and clammy skin and you don't feel so well, to heat stroke which is a life threatening emergency in a matter of minutes,"
Erika Janes with Kosair Children's Hospital said.

That's why Metro Louisville opened public cooling centers across the city. You can chill out and read a book at the Main Library at 301 York Street. One of 18 branches around the area, or visit an air-conditioned Metro Park Community Center.

There is one in Portland at 640 N. 27th Street where the thermostat is low.
A total of 15 different locations filled with kids' indoor activities.

WHAS 11 News: "What does it feel like right now in here?"
Jamani Reed, a kid on summer vacation, said: "It's cool, it's cold. When we go outside we always complain and we want to come back in."

Other spots include eight Neighborhood Place designations to beat the heat, like the L&N building on Broadway.

Experts urge residents to drink plenty of water, seek cool spaces and shaded areas.
Sadly, with Kentucky at the top of the country's list for fatalities related to kids left in hot cars, experts warn be extra vigilant the next few days.

"Their hearts beat faster, the metabolism is a lot faster so we really need to think of them heating up a lot faster than we do," Janes said.

Click here for a list of cooling sites.