Pearls and Pumps offers fasion, shopping with health awareness


by Rachel Platt

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 4:27 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 14 at 4:27 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- It’s a little bit about fashion and a whole lot about women and their health, especially if they face a diagnosis of cancer.

    No one wants to feel alone during that battle, they want to feel they're being cared for  in the best way possible.

     Pearls and Pumps raises money for the Baptist Hospital Foundation of Greater Louisville, helping to educate women about their programs.

     Caroline Johnson has learned about her options, and herself during her battle.

     In fact, Johnson never expected to be in this position. Her chemo complete and now she is finishing up the last of her radiation treatments at the Charles and Mimi Osborn Center at Baptist Health Louisville.

      But Johnson never expected she'd be diagnosed with breast cancer a month before her 40th birthday, especially with no family history.

She found the lump herself one night in bed while watching TV with her husband.
“I said feel that, he did, and said, we need to get that looked at,” Johnson said.
      Johnson had been tired, but figured with three children, Samantha, Ella and Michael, that was the norm.

It turns out it wasn't fatigue, but breast cancer that would eventually require a mastectomy.
Both Johnson and her husband with a full plate already,  their son Michael with special needs, and this seemed to be piling on.
Johnson says she has asked the question why, but probably won’t ever know.
In her journey, Johnson found that friends, family, therapy and faith helped get her through and so appreciated gifts of inspiration.
Her friends and family have been the glue, creating scrapbooks, memories, even purchasing necklaces with her initial on it.
People are able to see the friendships she has made, showing camaraderie at its finest and most poignant with a poem written by a friend through her son's eyes about cancer picking the wrong mom to mess with.
      Caroline learning it's okay to cry -- it's okay to feel.
      And trust those feelings -- your gut about where you get treatment.
      Her friends putting this finish line sign at her home after chemo -- and guess who was there to greet her at her last radiation treatment!
     Those same friends, offering up hugs and champagne ---
     Champagne flowing - tears as well.
     Another finish line crossed.
     And finishing strong --- thanks to friends, family, therapy and faith.