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Bill Adkins
4th Congressional District - Democrat

Democrat Bill Adkins was born in Letcher County, one of the poorest counties in Kentucky. As a child, he witnessed first-hand the effects of poverty and deprivation and what having a job means to a family, what being without a job does to a family. Bill’s grandfather was a coalminer whose family lived in a coal company-owned house, one that had no indoor plumbing, a home where he and his wife raised nine children. Like many other families of the time and in that community, the family gardened, canned food and raised livestock in order to keep food on the table.
Bill’s family moved around during his early and middle school years as his father sought work in areas outside of Kentucky. Bill benefited from the experiences of living in other states, and took advantage of everything those places had to offer. Bill’s own childhood was impacted by the sudden deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and the turmoil of the ‘60s and the uncertainty of the ‘70s. But Bill returned to the mountains of Kentucky to finish his final years of high school and there, too, learned and experienced much, including the benefits of the close knit community that exists there.
Upon graduation from high school and while attending college, Bill went on to work as a track laborer for the Louisville and Nashville railroad and in the coal mines. Bill often showed up for classes still in his dirty coalmining clothes. Later Bill worked full time in several jobs including as a bartender, construction work and bookkeeping, and his higher education plans were often interrupted for long periods. However, in 1994, having made the decision to pursue his goals, Bill entered Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky with the intent to complete his degree on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a lawyer. In 1996 Bill graduated Summa Cum Laude having earned a bachelor’s degree and entered Chase Law School in Northern Kentucky. He graduated from Chase in 1999 and went on to pass the bar exam and to be sworn in as a licensed attorney in Kentucky.
Bill and his family remained in Grant County where they had lived while he was in law school and over the years he has built a successful law practice. He and his family are active in the community. Bill wants to give voice to those who had none, and to stand up for the rights of victims and children. Bill and his wife Betty have seven children, several of whom are adopted, and have a six-year-old granddaughter. In 2008, the couple suffered a setback when Betty was diagnosed with breast cancer. The prognosis is good and Betty is now cancer free.
Bill continues to be active in his community and supportive of his children’s schools and activities, serving as a board member or officer in various organizations. It is his passion to work for a strong future and economic parity for all hardworking Americans that has led to his run for Congress.
Bill has made a career out of working hard and building a small business–not your typical Washington politician. He is a fighter who will protect Medicare and Social Security, maintain services for veterans, will help insure children have access to quality medical care and a good education and will protect your interests in Congress.

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