Minds take flight at Ky. Air National Guard summer camp


by Gene Kang


Posted on June 15, 2012 at 1:12 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 15 at 4:38 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This summer dozens of kids from the Shawnee area are learning how applying themselves in school can take them to greater heights.
A C-130 aircraft fired-up at the Kentucky Air National Guard. A chance for young minds to take flight.

Bryce Mansfield, OBAP volunteer, said: "It all starts with a dream and a vision and you want to pursue it from there."

The teenagers got the chance to get on board a massive aircraft and a Blackhawk helicopter.
Making mathematics, science and aviation look cool to young women and minorities.

"You get to learn about gadgets inside planes and everything and different careers with aviation and learning more about aerospace," Jericho Curry, a Brown School student, said.

Mikel Jordan, Manual High School Junior, said: "It helps motivate me to do better in school and try to get those stations in life."

Some were aboard an aircraft for the very first time.

In its 18th year the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals and Shawnee ACE Academy joined forces with UPS. A week-long camp that provides positive mentoring to kids, especially after a Shawnee High School student was shot and killed this week.

Larry Parker, OBAP Shawnee Aviation Camp Co-Founder, said: "Yes this is for minorities. We strictly look at diversity with our group, we look at people who won't have the opportunity like people from the West End area that don't know about aviation."

The OBAP program is free for students and has helped many enter into the Air National Guard or careers as pilots for UPS.