JCPS: Man climbs on bus, threatens 1st grader


by Renee Murphy

Posted on April 26, 2012 at 6:22 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 27 at 3:48 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Jefferson County Public School officials said they want to press charges against a man who got on a school bus and threatened to hurt a first grader.

The student's mom said the threatened her other two children as well and she is furious.
"You can't go around harassing people's children. That's how people are getting killed everyday. That's just unacceptable," Donniese Rankins said.
JCPS officials said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon. Allegedly a man was waiting at the bus stop at 43rd and Main streets - when the bus filled with students from Norton Elementary stopped he climbed in and threatened a first grader who was having problems with his girlfriend's daughter.
But Rankins said they man said did more than yell at her 7-year-old.
"Told my child that he was going to kill him and that something was going to happen to them this afternoon," Rankins said.
School leaders said the mother was also at the stop and tried to get on the bus but the driver stopped her - the bus driver couldn't stop the boyfriend.
Police were not called to the scene and Rankins said she wants to know why.
"There was no need to call the police at that point.  The driver secured the bus.  The man was off the bus, there were no injuries,  all we had was some verbal confrontation," Rick Caple with Jefferson County Public Schools said.
The district did call police to be at the bus stop Thursday morning and afternoon.
Caple said his happens more than he'd like to admit. 
The bus did not have a video camera and did not have a monitor.
The district put a monitor on the bus Thursday.