Greater Clark County School Board votes not to renew Daeschner's contract


by WHAS11

Posted on December 6, 2011 at 10:48 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 7 at 6:06 PM

(WHAS11) -- The Greater Clark County School board has voted 5 to 2 that Stephen Daeschner’s contract will not be renewed.

School Board President Christina Gilkey says they gave Daeschner three options, in negotiations before Tuesday night's decision, if he wanted to stay in the school system. 

Gilkey said the options were Daeschner could've kept his current position and taken a pay cut, moved to another position in the school system, or leave. Daeschner’s contract was due to be up on June 30, the board had originally said they will make a decision by Dec. 20 at a public meeting but made a decision about his contract Tuesday night.

When asked superintendent Daeschner said it's seemed like there had been a target on his back all along.

Reactions to the firing of Daeschner were heated.

"These people that voted him down are uneducated. They are total idiots. They should be removed from the board," said Alice Butler whose grandchildren attend Greater Clark County Schools.

One school board member had faith that educators will continue to succeed despite the board's decision.

"I think our educators are wonderful and I think you'll continue educating our children," said Greater Clark County school board member Kevin Slattery.

A teacher felt that Daeschner did a lot for Greater Clark County Schools and that the school board did not take that into account.

"Our kids have worked and this board just told our kids and all of us teachers that it doesn't matter because they had a longer discussion over closing a middle school pool  than to keep the man who was the catalyst to this entire improvement," said teacher Beth Valentine.

Another person who attended Tuesday night's decision supported the school board.

"I stand behind the board tonight. I think the Maple thing sealed the deal. Proposing to close Maple closed the deal," said 2011 Jefferson County grad Jesse Summerfield.

The board released an official statement Wednesday that said,
"Greater Clark County Board of School Trustees recognizes and appreciates the academic successes achieved in the last two years under Superintendent Dr. Stephen Daeschner's leadership. However, we acknowledge there are very fundamental philosophical differences between the board of school trustees and Dr. Daeschner regarding the future direction of Greater Clark County Schools."

Daeschner currently makes $225,000 a year, some of that is supplemented by private donations. He started on the job in Clark County in 2009.

Daeschner is familiar face in this community because he also led Jefferson County Public Schools for 14 years.