Tips to battle allergies this spring


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 5:55 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- "A lot of times in our area, allergies are minimized. People say 'oh it's just allergies, live with it,' but it really does impact people's quality of life," Kentuckiana Allergy's Dr. Jeremy Jones said.

"I never had them until I moved here," Beth Truelove said.

Now, Beth Truelove suffers from year-round allergies, but this May, she knows exactly what's giving her grief.

"The pollen for sure. For me, it's pollen," Truelove said.

The pollen is hitting people hard.

"This year, eye symptoms appear to be especially problematic for a lot of people: Extreme itchy eyes and watery eyes. Along with that, we have seen a lot of nasal congestion to the point where people can't breathe through their nose," Dr. Jones said.

That's because the trees are pollinating and once that's over, another allergen becomes prevalent in the Ohio Valley.

"As spring goes into summer, the grasses start. Grasses like the Timothy grass, the Johnson grass, and the Bermuda grass. They are all commonly found here," Dr. Jones said.
Many people need a quick fix.

"First of all, use the age-appropriate dose of the Zyrtec or the Allegra and then, if you need additional symptom control, we can usually recommend a nasal spray which will help within a week," Dr. Jones said.

Dr. Jones recommends wearing a mask when mowing the grass or working in the yard and he also says crank up the AC.

"Use your air conditioning. It's in your house, it's in your car and by using the air conditioning, you're allowing less pollen to get in," Dr. Jones said.