Valley Station family stops carpet cleaning thieves


by Johnny Archer

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 8:32 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Valley Station family says they thought they were hiring three men to clean their carpet inside their home, but instead they had some of their jewelry stolen and their trust violated.

Police arrested Nicholas Yopp, 21, his cousin Christopher Yopp, 19, and Richard Feldhoff, 43.

Nicole Foree and her mom never thought the people hired to clean their carpet in their home would clean out some of their belongings too.

“You are literally going through my personal property rummaging around my property trying to find things to steal,” Foree said. “I am very violated.”

It was Foree’s mom who noticed her things were missing Saturday morning.

“She called me upstairs and said, ‘They stole all my rings off my dresser,” Foree said.

The three cleaners who work for Metro Cleaning were about to pull out of the driveway after finishing the job, but not before Foree, her mom and her mom's boyfriend intervened.

“They were in the truck rumbling around,” Foree said. “I was like, ‘Yeah clean it up because the police are on their way.’ I stood right by their driver’s side door and said, ‘You are not getting in this truck and you are not pulling off, I am so sorry.”

When police arrived they arrested the three men. Four missing jewelry rings were all recovered, which Foree values at $3,000.

The owner of the company tells WHAS 11 News, the employee he believes is responsible for stealing the rings is Nicholas Yopp, who is his nephew and it was his second day on the job.  He says he was giving his nephew a second chance, who has been in trouble with the law before, out of a job and needed help.

But the owner never imagined in his 33 years of running Metro Cleaning that he would be in this predicament.  It is a situation that has crippled Foree and her mom's trust in people.

“I am just going to make sure when someone comes in my house, I am going to be right on their back,” Foree’s mom said. “I hate to do people like that, but this is a lesson for me.”

Foree says it is the first time they used Metro Cleaning and do not plan on using them again, even though the owner has offered to clean their carpet for free.

The owner also fears this incident will hurt his business.  He says he cleans about 30 homes and businesses per month around Louisville and southern Indiana.