Police looking for suspects after ferrets stolen from pet store


by Johnny Archer


Posted on August 12, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 12 at 2:14 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A new pet store in St. Matthews is already learning you can't turn your back on customers even for a minute as a distracted clerk missed what the surveillance camera didn't. Police are now looking for ferret thieves.

When a thief walked into Poe’s Pet Depot, in Saint Matthews, to steal a 12-week-old ferret, the suspect did not come alone. Along his side, were his accomplice and a small child, who appeared no older than 5-years-old.

“I was in a state of shock,” Rob Poe, the owner of the pet store, said. “I couldn’t believe it. My wife started to cry and she couldn’t believe it.”

Poe’s surveillance camera captured the suspect in action and on video. It all happened while the owner was cleaning the reptile cages near the back of the store and said nobody was at the front counter.

“So, for 15 minutes I had my back turned,” Poe, said. “But, then my colleague happened to walk off and do some sweeping  because at that time of day we’re starting to clean up and she happened to have her back turned for just a couple of minutes.”

It took the suspects no more than 20 seconds to get in and out of the pet store.

Poe believes the accomplice cased his family owned store earlier in the day.

“He had walked around briefly and stopped at the ferret cage for 2-3 minutes while we were helping other people,” Poe, said. “Then he walked out without asking any questions.”

Poe said the ferret is worth $175 and that a local teacher had already purchased it. That teacher was scheduled to pick up the ferret on Friday to take to her classroom.

Poe also said the ferret requires a strict diet and needs a lot of attention or else it could possibly die.

WHAS11’s Johnny Archer has more on the story in the video player above.