Police arrest 4 burglary suspects after multiple break-ins in Louisville


by WHAS11


Posted on June 18, 2013 at 6:22 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 18 at 6:42 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Two burglary operations are busted in Metro Louisville. Police tracked down a pair in the East End who got away with thousands of dollars worth of items.

And Jeffersontown police say two heroin addicts stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other items.

In both cases police are trying to get the stolen items back to its rightful owners.

The question police are looking to answer, who does this all the stolen items belong to?

“It’s important that if people see suspicious activity that they report it to police in timely manner which helped us to make an arrest in this case and also we still have some property that we have not located the owner,” Barry Wilkerson, Eighth Division Major LMPD, said.

In the East End of Louisville, Wilkerson said Hunter Browning, 19, and Cordella Turrell, 22, are responsible for car and home break ins in the Oxmoor Woods and Husrtboune neighborhoods.

Wilkerson says they also hit up properties in Simpsonville. They are accused of taking $3,000 to $5,000 worth of items.

One robbery victim said her husband’s car was broken into in the Oxmoor Woods neighborhood.

“Everything was all over the truck they took out everything from the dash, the cubbies you could tell they were going through everything,” the victim said.

Wilkerson says the suspects were caught thanks to a neighborhood watch club. If you recognize any of the stolen items you can call police in the Eighth Division at 574-2258.

An arrest was also made in another burglary case in Jeffersontown where tens of thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from homes.

Police say Adam Glissen, 24, and Alba Ramos, 27, would go to houses for sale and steal items to support their drug habit.

Jewelry, electronics and guns were stolen in Jefferesontown.

Glissen and Ramos were arrested at the in Town Suites on Preston Highway this weekend.

They broke into at least five homes in Jefferson County. Police were able to find them because one of the iPods they stole had a tracking device.