Police: Man lets himself into home, tries to open bottle of wine


by WHAS11


Posted on June 18, 2014 at 11:24 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 18 at 6:20 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville man is facing criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct charges after police said he entered a stranger’s house and helped himself to their wine.

Louisville Metro Police responded to a house in the 100 block of Hite Avenue for a home invasion on June 17.  Once inside they found 67-year-old David Fawbush.  According to the arrest report, the homeowners were “alarmed and annoyed” that Fawbush had let himself into their home.

Homeowner Shawn Arvin said when he heard a noise he thought it was his dog. 

“It was like the door shutting or something,” he said. 

When he heard the refrigerator open and close, he determined that it was not the dog. 

Arvin told his wife to call 911.  He walked downstairs with his gun drawn.  He said he found Fawbush rummaging through a drawer looking for a bottle opener. 

According to Arvin, Fawbush was clutching a bottle of Principessa white wine that he had taken from Arvin's kitchen.  Arvin ordered Fawbush to get on the ground. 

Arvin held the intruder until police arrived. 

He said he has forgiven Fawbush for his actions and would have given Fawbush the wine if he had simply knocked on the door. 

“I would've went out back with him and probably drank the bottle of wine with him and talked to him about Jesus,” Arvin said.