Council committee discusses mob event, police numbers


by Alex Schuman

Posted on March 26, 2014 at 9:22 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 26 at 11:36 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- The Bader family surprised Council members on the Public Safety committee by telling them they call police each time their Shell station on 1st and Jefferson gets rushed by a group of teens.

"Sometimes the police are very proactive and will call us and say, 'They're on their way.  Lock your doors,’” Paula Bader, owner of Bader’s Food Mart, said.

The Chief of Police Steven Conrad said reports do not show that the Bader's deal with this situation weekly.  His numbers show Bader's dealt with 20 reported crimes, made 143 calls for service and have been hit by large crowds of unruly teens eight different times in the last two year.

"I don't doubt that you all have the problems you're describing and again, I'm only limited by the data," Conrad said.

Councilman Jerry Miller did share concerns that the data is not entirely accurate.  He asked the Baders to start keeping their own tally of how often they call officers.

"We got to get to understand what's missing here.  There's something missing in this equation," Miller said.

"I have no faults with the Metro Police Officers in the 1st District,” Bader said. “They take good care of us.  They are understaffed."

But the police Chief said based on the last two years of crimes the department does not necessarily need more staff.

"Saturday night notwithstanding, I believe we are adequately staffed," Conrad said.

Some Council members still want to consider adding more officers because it may be cheaper than paying overtime to the added patrols at Waterfront Park and downtown.

"That was based on data for the last two years. Not last Saturday’s incident, which as we have described is a very unique situation,” Conrad said. “But I will absolutely reconsider based on your request."