Scott Co. man allegedly confesses to murdering man found beneath kitchen


by Adam Walser

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 6:12 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 27 at 7:30 PM

(WHAS11) -- Handcuffed, shackled and wearing a bullet proof vest, Robert Lee Riley, Jr. was led from the Scott County Jail into court Tuesday afternoon.

He was there to be officially charged with the murder of 50-year-old Paul Graupe, who was first reported missing three years ago, but whose body was not recovered until last week.

About a dozen of Graupe's friends and family members came to the arraignment.
None of Riley's showed up for the hearing.

"It's something we dealt with every day, asking the questions," Paul's brother Hugh Patrick said. "Now that things have come together. It's looking a lot better now."

Prosecutors say that more than 10 agencies, including local and state police and the F.B.I., have been involved in the investigation since Graupe disappeared.

"We were challenged with false leads. We're obviously challenged forensically with the body being found three years after the fact," Scott County Prosecutor Jason Mount said.

Court documents released Tuesday say a new witness and a confession led to Riley's arrest last week, after Graupe's body was found buried in a duplex behind Riley's home.

A sworn statement from a detective indicates a witness told investigators that he or she saw Riley choke Graupe, Rob him and bury his body under kitchen floor boards after prying them up and digging a hole there three years ago.

Detectives say when they questioned Riley, he confessed to stabbing Graupe in the back. A document says Graupe's body was found with an electric cord wrapped twice around the neck.
Investigators say Riley stole about $600 from Graupe before killing him.

"We see now that there is, I guess you might say, light at the end of the tunnel," Patrick said.
Scott County Prosecutor Jason Mount says the investigation is far from over, but authorities are confident they have at least their primary suspect now in custody.

"We're gonna look at anybody else who may have been involved either before the homicide or after the homicide," Mount said.

"This is not a one man job. I'm sure there are others involved," Patrick said.

Riley is being held without bond.

Mount says he will wait until the investigation is complete before deciding if the state will pursue the death penalty against Riley.

Family members say they hope to be able to bury Graupe's remains in the coming weeks and hold a memorial service on his behalf.