Harrison Co. drug round up nets several arrests


by WHAS11/Gene Kang


Posted on November 8, 2012 at 6:40 PM

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- A major drug raid in southern Indiana landed several suspected drug dealers behind bars.

It’s been a long four month undercover investigation to get drugs including heroin, meth, prescription painkillers and pot off the streets in Harrison County. As of noon on Thursday, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department busted 17 of 24 dealers on their target list.

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"Included in the arrest packets are pictures of the bad guys or bad girls you are looking for," a Harrison County Sheriff’s deputy said.

About a dozen officers were up at the break of dawn and set out to catch drug dealers.

Operation N.A.S.T.I. is cleaning up the streets.

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Laptop mounted in the cruiser, they mapped out each suspect - serving warrants and making arrests.

"She's been selling pills and lives right behind the school," Harrison County Chief Deputy Wayne Kessinger said.

Once taken into custody, the suspects are processed and deputies head back out to nab some more. Their next suspect was not at the address listed, but eventually found her at another address.

"A felonies, b and a felonies mostly with 10-20 years. The drugs include everything from heroin to meth to marijuana to prescription pills,” Kessinger said.

After just a few hours working Operation N.A.S.T.I., deputies have more than a dozen suspected drug dealers behind bars.

Officers expect to hunt down three more suspects by the end of Thursday. That would make it 20 out of 24 suspects on their undercover target list.