Police: Woman cuts off incarceration bracelet, steals from roommate


by Renee Murphy


Posted on January 4, 2013 at 4:33 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 4 at 8:41 PM

(WHAS11) -- A southern Indiana woman charged with child molestation is on the run. Police say she cut off her home incarceration bracelet and took off the day she was supposed to appear in court.

Police say Juanita Fisher fled town early Friday morning with her estranged husband Joshua Cox from a home in Charlestown, Indiana.

“She had some problems so I let her stay here, but I didn’t know what she had on her record,” Derrick Napier said.

Fisher's roommate believes the two are heading to Michigan.

“We took care of you. We brought you into our home and why would you do us like that,” Napier said. “We come in here and we see an ankle bracelet laid out in the floor with a kitchen knife so the first thing we started doing was making sure nothing was taken.”

Napier says Fisher took off with his debit card and drained his bank account. He also says she took off with his girlfriends ID and social security card.

He says she used this knife to cut off her home incarceration bracelet.

“I’m shocked she would do something like that after knowing someone for 6 years.”

Fisher is charged with molesting a relative and having sex with men in front of her children. She was set to appear in court Friday to be sentenced for the crime as part of a plea deal but police say she cut off her bracelet and took off.

Now the deal is off the table and she is going to trial. Friends and family say they thought she was innocent.

“I wanted to believe her but now it's like all that just went away. It’s like you can't believe someone now that they are fleeing,” Anita Childers said.

Fisher's family did not want to go on camera but told WHAS11 that they have no idea where she is. They say they just talked to her Thursday and she never said anything about leaving.

Police stopped her brother Friday afternoon but he did not know of her whereabouts. There are also reports that she may have been seen at the Jay C this morning in Charlestown.