Houston HS student allegedly attacks school administrator, officer


by Rucks Russell / KHOU 11 News


Posted on May 24, 2014 at 5:31 PM

HOUSTON -- There were tense moments at Waltrip High School Friday morning when authorities said a student reached for a campus officer’s gun.

It happened when the teen was called to an assistant principal’s office for what officials say was a serious violation of school policy. He was also observed selling bags of potato chips on campus.

School officials said he became aggressive and unruly in the office. They also said he scratched a male administrator and when the officer intervened, he tried to grab the officer’s gun. They managed to subdue the student and take him into custody.

Some students heard the commotion.

“I went outside and I didn’t know what to think,” said one student. “I was scared for my life.”

The incident at Waltrip followed an altercation at Nimitz High School last week.

Cell phone video captured the scene when a substitute teacher was knocked to the floor by a student who was angry because she had confiscated his iPhone.

“Unfortunately it’s not rare,” said Gayle Fallon who heads the Houston Federation of Teachers. “Normally a child that does that has done other things. They’ve threatened, they’ve pushed and shoved. They’ve gotten away with it.”

But HISD officials said the student in the Waltrip incident could face both criminal and disciplinary action stemming from what happened inside an administrator’s office.

HISD released the following statement:

"HISD is aware of an incident that took place this morning at Waltrip High School. A school administrator and campus officer were engaged in an altercation with a student who had been called to the office. The altercation took place in an isolated location, and the student in question was quickly taken into police custody. Appropriate disciplinary action also is being taken. All students are safe, and parents are being notified."