Police charge suspect with trafficking medical marijuana


by Adam Walser


Posted on February 12, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 12 at 8:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- The Hardin County Drug Task Force has arrested a man they say was involved in trafficking large quantities of highly-potent medical marijuana.

"It was obviously a very high grade of marijuana," Hardin County Drug Task Force Director Ron Eckart said.

The labels on the seized drugs say "Golden Goat", "Sour Diesel" and even "King Louis".

Police say it's not the Mexican or home-grown pot narcotics officers are used to seeing.

The dope was likely produced in a regulated facility and diverted from a pharmacy, where it was supposed to be sold as medical marijuana.

"It came from California. Our information was the some was being shipped from Colorado also which is a couple of states where that goes on," Eckart said.

Last week, the Hardin County Grand Jury indicted Army veteran Henry Butler, Jr. on charges that he trafficked in medical marijuana he had shipped in from states where marijuana can be sold legally to people with medical conditions.

Police say they seized $14,000 in cash Butler had shipped in the mail to a supplier, as well as $6,500 cash in the home, a handgun and nearly 3 pounds of high grade medical marijuana.

The marijuana allegedly sold for $4,000 a pound... five times the price of pot imported from Mexico.
The THC levels in the drug were 25 percent, about five times the amount normally found in marijuana officers find on the streets.

The arrest comes as Kentucky Legislators consider allowing medical marijuana here.

Butler was supposed to be arraigned Tuesday, Feb. 12, but his attorney did not show up for the hearing.

Police say their investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.