Students react to delay in notification of recent incidents near UofL

Search for suspects in sex assaults near UofL

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Two women were robbed at gunpoint around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in the same area where women have been sexually assaulted near UofL.

Less than a block away from a popular college bar.

“It happened on the other side of the alley where the hedges are down the street here.  And the young lady was parked and the assault occurred from two black males walking down the alley.  This is unusual for this part of town, we don't usually have these kinds of things happen," Martin Hazelett, the Granville Inn owner said.

Police say early Monday morning, a woman parked in an alley between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Gaulbert Avenue was carjacked at gunpoint and sexually assaulted by two men.  Then the next day, a UofL student on 7th and Shipp Avenue, and was forced into the same car stolen in the 1st assault, and held at gunpoint by two men. They sexually assaulted her and then told her to leave the area before setting her car on fire. 

“I'm shocked because usually, we get alerts and usually when it's something really serious we're not really getting alerts about that stuff and that makes me really scared,” Sydney Harbin said, a UofL senior.

At the time, WHAS11 spoke to Harbin and several other students. They had not been alerted by the university about the sexual assaults near campus.  According to a university spokesperson, around 6 p.m. they sent a notification to students about the two incidents and tips to stay safe.

“I was like, 'Woah, we probably should've been informed of this,’” Ecasia Burris said, a UofL sophomore.

The UofL spokesperson explained the delay to WHAS11 News saying the incidents were reported to LMPD, not campus police, so it took more time to get all the information and they send out information when there is imminent danger.

“Usually we get text message updates on our phones like we get text messages through UofL to say that there were different assaults but there's been two since Monday and we haven't gotten any text messages about that but usually UofL is really good about it,” Hannah Emberton said, a UofL sophomore.

Two shocking incidents and now students say they'll be extra cautious.

Police are urging you to be extra careful as they have not made any arrests in these two cases.  They say you should be walking in pairs and try to carry your phone in your hand but stay aware of your surroundings. 


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