Despite complaints, Time-Warner 'very pleased' with transition


by WHAS11

Posted on June 11, 2013 at 5:32 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 11 at 6:55 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WHAS11) -- Saying it is "very pleased" with the technical migration of former Insight Communications customers, Time Warner Cable offered several explanations Tuesday for complaints that some people's Internet and phone service had been lost in the transition.

Some modems and home equipment that worked with Insight Communications are not compatible with Time Warner, said Mike Hogan, a Time Warner Cable spokesman.  Hogan said some modem problems, however, could be addressed by resetting the equipment.

As part of the migration, customers experienced a brief planned outage on Sunday evening/Monday morning, Hogan said, but the vast majority of customers had no problem with the migration of 480,000 Internet customers and 250,000 Phone customers.

"At this point, no outages are being reported," Hogan said.  "Any current issues are individual customer occurrences, where they could be making errors or need assistance setting up voice mail, which is driving call volume at our customer care centers."

Hogan said the call volume had "significantly dropped" by Tuesday afternoon.

"The migration from Insight to Time Warner Cable in Kentucky is underway and we are very pleased with the progress," Hogan said.

"I'm at well over 24 hours without Internet," said Brian McQueary of Middletown.  "And I hear that they're happy with their conversion, but as one customer, I'm not happy with their conversion, especially if it wasn't even supposed to take place until next week and even that it was only supposed to be a domain name on the email address."

Hogan explained that Time Warner Cable transitioned its own Internet equipment and servers Sunday and Monday, but the customer emails and Internet accounts are still scheduled for next week, June 17.

Several dozen WHAS11 viewers e-mailed the station on Tuesday with reports they had lost phone or Internet service.  Time Warner did not provide an estimate of how many service calls it had received.

"My family and I not only have no phone service but we also have no alarm system because it works with a land line phone," said Theresa Bradley.  "Our internet service has been affected as well."

"I get no dial tone, can't dial out," said Robin Disney of Crestwood.  "But you can call in and it rings but I  can't answer! The caller is told that I haven't set a voice mail up with Time Warner and then it hangs up! I am missing business calls."

Indiana customers report that, unlike Insight Communications, the Time Warner phone service requires using an area code.

"We here at Tom Stinnett / Derby City RV have been experiencing lower than normal call volume the last couple of days," wrote Dana J. Yadon-Shawver.  "Even when we call our own cell phone numbers  we get recordings, unless you dial the area code first."

The Time Warner spokesman said he did not have an immediate explanation for the new area code requirement.

"I had no idea the switch was happening until after my internet was down for 24 hours," wrote Shellie Roberts.  "This was very annoying and inconvenient as my husband and I are both college students going to online universities and do much of our homework during the weekend, as we work crazy hours during the week."

Customers can visit or call 1-866-857-7024 with any issues.