Good Samaritan pays layaway balance for Middletown grandmother


by Chelsea Rabideau

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 12:43 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- A grandmother from Middletown couldn’t afford to pay off all the Christmas gifts for her grandkids. She had put them away in layaway at a Wal-Mart Store. After informing the store they should put the gifts back on the shelves, the story took a twist tailor-made for the holidays.

Angela Bennett lives on a fixed income. This year, she realized she was going to fall short of paying for presents. She was dreading having to tell her granddaughters, when a secret Santa saved the day.

Bennett sat on her living room floor pulling dolls and games out of a box, proudly showing off the Christmas gifts she picked for her granddaughters Haley and Alexandra; gifts that almost didn’t make it under the tree.

The gifts were on layaway at the Middletown Wal-Mart and when Bennett got a phone call from the manager on Monday, she was ready to let them go.

 “I said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, there’s no way I can get it out right now because I’m having financial difficulties,’” she said.

She wasn’t expecting what she heard next.

“She says, ‘Well, I have some good news for you’,” she said.  “A good Samaritan paid your layaway off.”

Even now, days later, the story of the day that turned their Christmas around is a tough one to tell without tears of gratitude.

The happy news came on an already difficult day. It was the anniversary of Bennett’s mother’s death.

“They pulled me out of a depression,” Bennett said of her benefactor.  “I was so depressed that day and it just, like, lifted my spirits.”

Bennett said her daughter was in tears as well when she heard the news.

 “For somebody to do that, I mean, I want to thank that person from the bottom of my heart. Whoever it is, they’re an angel,” she said.

More than the dolls and games wrapped in pretty packaging, Bennett hopes to pass on a lesson to her granddaughters this Christmas, one of kindness and believing in the good in others.