Consumer Watch: Jeep Liberty recalls


by Andy Treinen

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 4:54 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The I-Team started getting calls about problems with some of the same Jeep Liberties and the faulty gas tanks.

We’ve been following the story of vehicles spilling fuel every time car owners filled up. By the way, it’s the fault of the car and not the pump.

The I-Team has captured three different examples of it happening.

While filling up his 2008 Jeep Liberty, Terry Babcock noticed the pump clicking off and gasoline squirted out of the release holes in streams.

“Thought it was the gas station,” Babcock explained. “I thought the pressure might be too high here.”

When we met Brenda Lawrence topping off her 2011 Jeep Liberty, her gas spill was more of a pour.

“Yes, big mess every time,” Lawrence said as she described her problems.

Another Liberty owner, who didn’t want to be identified, also invited us out for a show and tell.

All of the owners discovered problems with their vehicles the hard way.

After Babcock’s second fill up and his third, he discovered the problem was his gas tank. The only fix was to replace it for $1000 and Lawrence made the same discovery.

“I just don't fill up my car anymore. It's kind of annoying. I just go to the gas tank and don't fill it because I know it's going to spill down the side so I just don't fill up anymore," she said.

At the time we did these interviews, their cars were not on a nationwide recall list and now they are.

“I think Chrysler Jeep should fix it,” Lawrence contended.

Lawrence’s car is scheduled to go in for a fix in a few days while Babcock’s has already been repaired.

“They said that there would be a recall eventually,” Babcock insisted.

From the time the problem was discovered, the recall has expanded to include more models and more years. Be sure to hold on to those receipts if you’ve already paid for a fix.

“This has been the problem for the last three years for these Jeep Liberties,” Babcock claims.

Now that he’s back to driving the car that he loves carefree, Babcock is again in the drivers seat.