Do Redbox kiosks make it too easy for minors to get "R" rated movies?


by Anna Prendergast

Posted on March 4, 2010 at 1:07 AM

Do you think Redbox should remove rated "R" movies?

An Indiana prosecutor wants "R" rated movies removed from Redbox movie kiosks.

He thinks the kiosks make it too easy for minors to get hold of an "R" movie and he's even threatening to press charges.

Here's the issue, anyone of any age can walk up to one of the Redbox movie rental machines, swipe a credit or debit card and out pops any movie they want.

Everyone we talked to says it’s the parent’s responsibility to stop their children from coming here and renting a rated “R” movie but if it’s up to an Indiana prosecutor, those movies won't be available at some Redboxes again.

Redbox kiosks are everywhere with 22,000 outside McDonalds’, grocery stores, and gas stations nationwide.

All you need is a credit card and it cost you one dollar per movie and there's no one there checking your age.

But if it’s up to Vanderburgh County Indiana Prosecutor Stan Levco, rated “R” movies will vanish from the popular kiosks.

Levco says he's considering enforcing a law that bans providing harmful material to minors, a class D felony.

Levco said, “I sent out a letter to all the people who were distributing these and told them that I thought they has a potential violation there and they should remove them.”

Levco says he doesn't know who would face punishment yet, Redbox or the business owners that have the kiosks on their properties.

If he does go forward with charges, he says he will give kiosks owners the chance to remove the “R” movies first and no one will be prosecuted for past offenses.

WHAS11 went to New Albany to find out what people who used the kiosk's thought about Levco's position. The opinion was unanimous.
Rodney Murphy said, “I think it’s the parents responsibility and I say leave the ‘R’ movies in there.”

Elke Salle said, “I think they should leave them in and parents control their kids.”

“I don’t think I should be penalized.  This is the convenience of why I come here and most the moves I get are ‘R’ rated,” said Tim Allen.  

Redbox hasn't made an official response yet.

On Redbox's website, it does say you have to be 18-years-old to rent a movie from one of the kiosks.