Courier-Journal to begin charging for online access


by WHAS11 editors

Posted on May 10, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Updated Thursday, May 10 at 6:38 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The days of getting free access to Courier-Journal articles online are about to change, and soon. Next month, the paper will begin an online subscription model, which is drawing mixed reaction from the community. But, the new publisher said it’s what the paper needs to do to survive.

There is no doubt that the internet is changing the way we consume news and information and that’s forcing media outlets to change too.

Courier-Journal publisher Wes Jackson said, “We are serving our customers well currently if you access us through a computer. But, we’ve heard from our customers that they need us to move.”

Following in the footsteps of papers like the New York Times, the Courier-Journal will start charging for online access, a move Jackson said is only fair.

“No longer are we going to ask our current subscribers to pay for our content and then online, actually give it away for free,” he said.

But, he also said he knows change isn’t always easy. Already, this change is stirring up mixed emotions.

Subscriber Terry French said he doesn’t think it’s fair at all he says he’s shocked.

"Because, we as a community give enough just buying a newspaper,” French said.

Others seem to understand the move.

“I mean, businesses gotta survive somehow so they gotta do what they gotta do,” Christina May said.

Jackson said the new subscription model will allow readers to choose how they get their paper from their doorstep to their computer, iPad, or smart phone.

“I think what we’re saying is, you are subscribing to Courier Journal’s content, not necessarily the delivery platform,”Jackson said.

Jackson wouldn’t give a breakdown of the new prices, he said they’ll send it to their customers first. He also said the new pricing and added platforms will allow the paper to cover more topics they believe are important to their readers.