Young speaks out after acquittal; Cites 'lies' got him arrested


by Brittany Gonzlez and C.J. Daniels

Posted on August 17, 2013 at 8:37 PM

Updated Saturday, Aug 17 at 11:54 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Nearly a week after his acquittal of murdering his stepbrother, 17-year-old Josh Young broke his silence.

In an interview with the Courier Journal’s Jason Riley, Young described his last two years behind bars, his relationship with Trey Zwicker and his father’s role in the murder.

Young expressed very little anger and bitterness after spending two years behind bars.

“There’s no sense in thinking about it. I wouldn’t have learned any of these things I’ve learned if I wasn’t there. I’m a more mature person. I’m a different person in a better way,” Young said. 

Young was accused of helping his father beat Zwicker to death behind Liberty High School in 2011.

Young described his relationship with Zwicker as being “close” and also talked about how the two hung out frequently.

Young also said his father was the reason why he was indicted. He claims his father’s lies got him entangled in a crime he didn’t commit.

“If he would have never got his parole Trey would have never died and I would have never went to jail,” Young said. 

His father, Joshua Gouker, is currently serving a life sentence after pleading guilty.

 Young says he plans on finishing school and also wants to join the Fern Creek High School basketball team. He says he wants everyone to treat him like a normal teen.

“Everybody paints me out to be violent or some killer or something, but that’s not me,” said Young.

To see the full interview on the Courier Journal’s website, click here.