Body of missing Sellersburg teen believed found in wreckage off Skyline Dr.


by Brittany Gonzalez

Posted on December 16, 2012 at 1:08 AM

Updated Sunday, Dec 16 at 6:21 AM

FLOYDS KNOBS, Ind. (WHAS11) – The family vehicle of missing Sellersburg teen Ethan Bennett has been located and authorities believe it's Bennett’s body inside the mangled Jaguar.

According to the Floyd County sheriff, the Bennett family hired a private helicopter to search an area off Skyline Drive in Floyd Knobs. Sheriff Daniel Rodden said the Bennett family wanted to focus on the area, because Ethan liked the view there and would visit often.

“We had always had a mindset that when the vegetation went away and you could see through the trees a little bit that we would be a place that we might find something,” Sheriff Rodden said.

Saturday afternoon investigators removed smashed pieces of the Jaguar from trees. They said speed was a factor in the deadly wreck. Bill Beach owns the property where the investigation is unfolding and he helped lead investigators to different parts of the Jaguar. “It looks like he went here and probably cleared all these here and went down. He had to be scared to death when he went down there,” Beach said.

Investigators believe because of deterioration the car had been down in the ravine for weeks. It was difficult to find because it is nearly 1000 feet down the embankment.

Foul play is not suspected in this wreck, however the investigation is ongoing. “There was never a note left to our knowledge, and we just feel like he was a disturbed young man, but we do not know much more than that,” Sheriff Rodden said.

The coroner said that dental records will be ordered.

The car was located over an embankment near North Skyline Drive, which is along Floyd Knobs.

Bennett was last seen Sept. 11 when family members contacted Clark County Sheriff’s officials to report him missing.

His family did not return messages left by WHAS11.