Accused rape fantasy murder suspect arraigned


by Adam Walser

Posted on May 9, 2013 at 3:41 PM

Updated Thursday, May 9 at 6:17 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- A Floyd County woman accused of murdering a man to cover up an affair is arraigned today.

New details continue to emerge about the suspect and the relationship that authorities say ended in murder.

Lisa Shuler had never been in trouble before her arrest earlier this week.

Click here to view court documents detailing the night of the shooting

We've learned she worked as an employee of a health care company, had EMT training and was involved in a kinky relationship she tried to hide from her husband, which authorities say ultimately led her to shoot her sex partner to death.

32-year-old Lisa Shuler was tight-lipped as she walked into court today.

She was officially charged with murdering Charles Pierce in a New Albany rental home Monday night.

Originally, Shuler, who was trained by the Jennings County 9-1-1 Center as and emergency medicine technician, called Floyd County 9-1-1 to report she shot a stranger who broke into her home.

Later, she admitted she arranged for Pierce to come to her house to act out a rape fantasy.

“At times, making sense out of why someone does what they do, sometimes, we don't have those answers,” said Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson.

Court documents say Shuler shot Pierce while performing a sex act on him.

Her alleged motive was to prevent him from showing pornographic photos of the two to her husband.

Police say Shuler erased nearly 200 text messages between the two before officers arrived at the home.

She also posted a Bible verse about salvation and a photo of a man praying on her Facebook page hours before the murder.

In the days before that, she posted photos of a 40-caliber handgun, the same caliber used in the murder, and an image of a grim reaper figure armed with a gun.

Police say Shuler met Pierce just weeks before his murder.

We've learned investigators are combing through such evidence as adult dating sites and hundreds of images and messages to determine more about their relationship.

“I can't comment specifically on the evidence or what they have found. I do consider it relevant of what they've found to date and they're gonna continue on,” said Henderson.

Shuler is being held without bond tonight and has asked for a court appointed public defender.

Her trial has been scheduled for September.