Will Kentucky secede from the United States?


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on November 12, 2012 at 6:52 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 13 at 12:39 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Could some people be so angry over the results of the presidential election,  they petition for their state to leave the union?  Apparently that’s the case,  and petitions have been filed from citizens in Kentucky and Indiana. It's a movement that is sweeping the White House's own website and creating opinions on both sides of the river.

"In all, honesty I believe it’s absolutely ridiculous," said one Indiana resident.

"All we want is our country back," said a Kentucky resident.

Petitions filed by citizens in Kentucky and Indiana, that have thousands of signatures, are asking the Obama Administration to grant these states the right to leave the Unites States of America and create their own new government.
In Kentuckiana,  folks on both sides of the argument are weighing in.

Kentucky resident Ron Taylor said, "I am a Republican and you take the good with the bad,"

"I think everyone needs to calm down a bit and realize that America has been around for more than 2 hundred years, I think we will survive," said Indiana resident Dustin Lurcher.

Kentucky and Indiana are not the only states that are filing petitions to withdraw from the US. They join a number of other states looking for similar actions.

In fact, petitions have been filed in 20 states total. Most sprung up after last week's election and  most come from states that supported Mitt Romney but some are swing states and even some blue states. Dr. Dewey Clayton, a political science professor at the University of Louisville, said while it's quite a statement of the divide within the country, it's unlikely to actually happen.

"It would require a constitutional amendment to change the constitution. It's not impossible. But for a constitutional amendment to occur it would have to be proposed by two thirds the members of Congress, then it would need ratification by three fourths the states. Theoretically, it is possible but it is highly unlikely, " said Dr. Dewey Clayton with the University of Louisville.

In the meantime the signatures continue to pour in and people continue to sound off.
These petitions are a part of the 'We The People' program launched last year by the White House.
The White House will respond to any petition that receives 25 thousand or more signatures within 30 days.

So far, Texas and Louisiana are just shy of reaching that threshold.