Ky. considered source for weapons used in crimes across the country


by WHAS11

Posted on July 25, 2012 at 6:42 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 25 at 8:54 PM

(WHAS11) --With the Colorado movie theater massacre and the violence we’ve seen on Louisville's streets, there is a debate underway about how and where criminals get their guns.
WHAS11 searched for answers and found Kentucky’s guns laws make the Commonwealth a hot bed for gun sales and trafficking.

“If you've got the money and you've got the time, I’m sure that within an hour of you starting to process you can come across a firearm,” George Huffman with the ATF in Louisville said.

Huffman said most guns used in crimes are stolen from homes and cars.

“With no registration requirement, it’s easier to get firearms here than other places,” Huffman said.

Licensed gun dealers do background checks on purchasers, but a fire arm is purchased there is registry for the weapons.

“It can be problematic,” Huffman said.
Once you buy a gun you can legally sell it to anyone without doing a background check. With the right amount of money you can even get a gun from a flea market on the weekends. And Huffman said there is one other way criminals get their hands on weapons. 

“Getting them from what we call straw purchasers, people who are legal to purchase firearms fill out the paperwork knowing that the gun is not for them," he said.
The ATF showed us a vault where they keep all the weapons seized in crimes locally. Multiple trash cans were full of guns all recovered at one scene.

“Rage and money will create a gun in anybody’s hands. If you mad enough and you got the money you gonna find you a gun,” a man who asked to be called “Manny” said.

Authorities said there aren't many arms dealers on the streets, you just have to know one person.
Last year 2,669 guns were recovered in the state of Kentucky during crimes. Most of them were part of drug investigations.

Many of the guns found in criminal investigations in Kentucky originated in the state and so are many of the guns used in crimes across the country. Kentucky is known as a source state for weapons.