Accident victim says new crosswalk needed on Shelbyville Rd.


by Alex Schuman

Posted on November 20, 2013 at 12:55 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 20 at 10:10 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – People who visit bars at night in the Shelbyville Road area near the Tin Roof Bar go back and forth without any accidents.

Early Sunday morning, two women ended up in the hospital.

Abby Papenfuss described her injuries but say hers aren’t the worst left by an accident on Shelbyville Road.

“I am better than my friend is doing.  My face hurts a little bit, but besides that - with her broken legs she's in a lot of pain right now," she said.

Papenfuss and her friend Tierney Coman were hit while crossing the street in St. Matthews around 1:30 a.m.

They wanted to go from Molly Malone’s to Tin Roof but chose not to use the crosswalk.

"As we were crossing the street - a taxi came and clipped me and I just kind of tumbled over the car.  And then, and my friend Tierney, backed up and she got hit by another car that had swerved around the taxi," she said.

Abby says Tierney is still in the ICU.  Both of her legs are broken along with fractured cheek bones. 

"We had a few beers, but I mean the fact that I remember everything [and] was able to realize where I was and answer everyone's questions. I wouldn't say that I was drunk,” she said.

Bartenders at the bars in this area say people cross the street between Molly Malone’s and Tin Roof constantly at night.  When WHAS11 went to the area, we found plenty of sober people doing it too – saying the two crosswalks nearby are not convenient.

"I hope they fix it," Papenfuss said.

Accidents this severe rarely happen on the street.  Papenfuss says whether a change comes or not, she hopes her accident reminds people to be safe and shows how doing something as simple as choosing not to use crosswalk can give you bruises.

"Personally I will never walk across there, I will always use a crosswalk now,” she said.

WHAS11 tried to reach out to city officials to talk about any possible plans. A city counselor said there are already two crosswalks and only so much you can do to help the people be safe.