U of L student allegedly pulls out gun in meeting with faculty


by WHAS11


Posted on October 7, 2010 at 5:12 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 7 at 11:44 PM

(WHAS11) – A close call Thursday at the University of Louisville when a student pulls out a loaded gun.

It happened inside the College of Education building while the student was in a meeting with university faculty.

Police say those faculty members acted quickly, jumped on top of the woman with the gun and got it away from her before anyone was hurt.

U of L student Jen Butler was in class, inside the College of Education building when she heard a bell ring.

“The guy in my class said this doesn't sound good there is faculty running,” Butler said. “We need to find out what’s going on.”

Butler says that's when her teacher started giving them instructions.

“We were under our desks the lights were out we were all quiet,” Butler said.

One floor above Butler's classroom police say a female, U of L graduate student and former employee at the university had just pulled a gun out of her purse while meeting with five faculty members.

Police say the gun was loaded and the woman said “I guess this is it."

That's when police say the faculty members reacted.

 “They jumped on her and took control of the weapon,” Wayne Hall of U of L Police said.

No one was hurt but students in and around the building were terrified.

The woman was hand-cuffed and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. Police say she told them she was going to kill herself.

Police are waiting for the woman to be released from the hospital. They think that will happen Friday. At that time she will be charged with wanton endangerment.