Traffic delays continue overnight with construction on Kennedy Bridge


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 22 at 11:41 PM

(WHAS11) -- It's late at night, but even now traffic is moving slowly on the Kennedy Bridge.

The resurfacing project finally got underway Thursday night  and drivers felt the impact on Friday.

Evening rush hour has come and gone, but you wouldn't know it, with traffic still creeping along.

James Hicks drove in from Fort Campbell.

"It was real tight. I had to stop. It's like one lane and bumper to bumper. Couldn’t go no faster than fifteen miles per hour," Hicks said.

It's all part of an $18 million resurfacing project. This will go on for nearly two months. Crews will fill those irritating potholes and resurface the road by adding new concrete, a waterproof surface that will last longer and replace expansion joints.

Sure it will be just great when it's all said and done but for now...

"Look at it? Yeah it's crazy. It's nuts. Absolutely nuts. I would not want to be there. Absolutely not, " Ryan Jackson, a Kentuckiana driver, said.

Also adding to Friday’s long delays, crews removed the median wall for what will be a temporary crossover lane. One lane of traffic will actually be driving on the opposite side of the bridge.

"It is difficult cause you're dealing with the bridge, you know over the water there's not shoulders to build a diversion while they are resurfacing the pavement and move off to the side. There's really no place for the traffic to go," Andrea Clifford, Kentucky Department of Transportation, said.

"Two months this is gonna go on. Two months. That’s not good. That's not good at all," Hicks said.

Until the end of July two lanes will be open one on the northbound side and the other on the southbound side. In addition, the I-64/I-65 interchange ramps will also be shut down.

And if you’re not sitting in traffic on I-65, beware of the trickledown effect. Those side roads are clogged too as commuters map out their alternate routes.

"Go across Second Street. Cause if not. Well We've seen that white truck for 45 minutes almost," Vamp Miller said.

It may be worth it in the end, but this driver may have the best plan of all.

"I'm on a bicycle right now .. yeah 10 speed."