Teen murder victim's mother files EPO against husband, says he is suspect in murder


by WHAS editors


Posted on June 14, 2011 at 9:10 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 14 at 6:25 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - The mother of a 14 year-old boy found murdered was in court Tuesday to seek protection against a man she suspects killed her son.

Trey Zwicker was killed in May, but no one has been charged.

Tuesday, his mother told a judge the boy's stepfather is violent and a threat to her and the rest of her family.

WHAS11 is learning more information all the time regarding claims of violence that Joshua Gouker has allegedly committed against others.

On Tuesday, a judge issued another protection order against him and WHAS11 has learned that a judge in another state is considering taking similar action.

When Amanda Campbell entered the courtroom to ask for protection from her ex husband, she didn't want to see the media.

“Is there any way you can ask the media to turn their cameras off? I like to keep my life private,” she asked Judge Dolly Wisman Berry, who informed her it was a public proceeding.

According to her family, Campbell's life has been hell in recent weeks.

Her son Trey was found murdered in a wooded area near her home May 11.

Then, she says in court documents, she began suffering abuse at the hands of her husband Joshua Gouker, who was a pallbearer at Trey’s funeral.

She now indicates he is under the suspicion of Trey's murder.

She says he recently discussed killing her, then himself.

“He asked me to let him kill me, then kill himself afterwards,” Campbell said in court Tuesday.

Gouker did not attend the hearing.

Campbell says in her complaint that after her son's death, Gouker began assaulting her, using alcohol and drugs heavily and controlling every aspect of her life.

“He is so controlling that he tells you what clothes you can wear, if you can wear makeup, how many baths you can take and who you can have as a friend,” the judge said, reading her emergency protection order petition.

Campbell was the fourth woman to ask for and be granted a protection order against Gouker.

WHAS11 learned that a fifth woman, in another state, filed a petition for a protection order Monday, but a judge has not yet signed it.

Gouker also has a lengthy criminal history, involving multiple arrests for assaults, robbery and other violent crimes in multiple states.

He's scheduled to appear on felony charges in Indiana Thursday.

In the meantime, the judge says he can't come anywhere near Campbell for the next year.

Gouker has not been charged with any crime in connection with Trey Zwicker's death.

Police still need your help in that case.

If you have information, call 574-LMPD.