Suspects involved in downtown assaults arraigned


by Brooke Hasch

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 7:56 PM

Updated Saturday, Mar 29 at 7:59 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was arraignment day for two more people arrested in connection with last week's violence in downtown Louisville.

Shaquazz Allen, 19, and Tyrone Booker, 20, both plead not guilty Saturday morning to charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and criminal mischief.

Their lawyer asked the judge to place them on home incarceration, but the judge denied their requests, calling the two cousins "dangers to the community."

Police say it happened at First and Jefferson Streets Saturday night. A female was struck in the face rendering her unconscious while in her car with her fiancé, and five children.

Allen and Booker's family says the two were nowhere near that site on Saturday.

"Our kids are completely innocent, they weren't even by the waterfront that day," Angela Montgomery, Allen and Booker's aunt said.

The defendant's lawyer, Jan Waddell, says his clients are behind bars because of racial profiling.

"What has happened is there's a media hysteric created by police against young black males in this community, in particular the events that occurred last Saturday night. This thing has been hyped up," Waddell said. "These gentlemen have no prior criminal records."

But in fact, they do, for a second crime committed on that very night. Police say a woman was robbed at gunpoint while at a bus stop at Amy and Market Streets.

Allen and Booker denied any involvement, but were arrested for that crime on Sunday, along with two other suspects in the case, Jerron Bush, 21, and Craig Dean, 20. Allen and Booker were placed on home incarceration.

"They were in St. Matthews, until about 10:30 and then they went downtown to their cousin Jerron Bush's house. And that's where the police saw them outside, four black men sitting on a porch, the only ones they could find, so they took them in," Tia Butler, a family member said.

"When they are cleared, and they will be cleared, this is going to get ugly," Montgomery said.

Allen and Booker’s next court appearance is set for April 8.